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Rolling Acid 19 Fall/Winter series

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Broadcast is a unique approach to modern apparel. We only sell what you need and nothing more.

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For human, the strangest aspect of the world is ourselves, every man is a huge iceberg and the truth is sleeping under the sea. When those concepts that we are used to sleeping under the sky, the other part of unknown thoughts are marching under the starlight. The bridge between the raw force and desire expression became our meaningful monument.
Rolling Acid Spring Summer 2018 collection inspired by Mr. Pong pong’s four night dreams, as a magical journey has started, reflecting a conversation between the artist and himself. Mysterious and erotic carnival scene presented by rawHcut denim and detachable hardware. Just like a dream, where the limitation, time and space are off, we are using visual language to get lost in these wonderful trips.

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olling Acid Fall Winter2018 Collection INNER CITY draws inspiration from the rhythm and rhythm of the music. Through enthusiasm and agitation,it combines seemingly unrelated elements to create a fall and winter fashion.
Behind the music is an implicit story narrative with symbolic col or emotions. People’s life is exploring, exploring the surroundings, exploring the unknown, and we are looking for answers every day, but we cannot understand the m everyday. At the same time, the exploration of self-emotion and the promise of an ideal life cannot help but become more intense.
“My Body Is My Temple” My body is my universe. The concept of “Inner World” in this season is intended to awaken the resonance in everyone’s hearts, slow down the haste and explore your own inner world.

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Rolling Acid 19 Spring/Summer series takes inspiration from the graffiti painted by KOVO, a four-year-old boy, who explores the innocent and unwordly world belonging to his childhood, with the intention to create a novel and complicated 'universe' in a perspective of Rolling Acid. For this season, Rolling Acid started wit a self-deprecationg theme 'There are monsters outside' which reflecting the wild imagination of the children's world, overturning all the rules that were supposed to be correct, breaking the order, and returning to 'chaos'.

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